Sunday, January 20, 2013

Dennis Dodrill to Ride for NBHC

The Town Challenge

GFNY locals represent their town and their local charity at GFNY. If you live along the course, support your neighbor’s fundraising effort and get out the door on May 19 to cheer them on. GFNY donates the Town Challenger’s entry fee to their cause.

Dennis has been riding for four years and loves the simplicity and freedom that cycling offers: “Cycling very liberating and freeing for me. It’s almost like walking but FASTER and a whole lot more fun. I love the feeling of riding and the feeling of Freedom it gives me. The wind on my back and being able to just jump on the bike and ride at a moment’s notice.”

To donate to Dennis' ride, click the link here.

Fundraising for: Neighborhood Cruisers
“The Neighborhood Cruisers aids children and adults who are enduring financial and medical hardships. They are a group of car lovers who have something more powerful than their classic engines and muscle cars; their hearts. Founded in 2001, the Neighborhood Cruisers found a way to combine their love of cars with a sense of community involvement. Every Monday, throughout the Spring and Summer months, you can find the Neighborhood Cruisers at Gennaro’s; showing off their cars, rocking out to tunes from the fifties, and most importantly, raising funds to help sick children and their families pay off increasingly high medical bills.


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