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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Cruisin for Kids 2010 Families

Every year, the Neighborhood Cruisers select local families that are in need of financial help, due to the rising costs of hospital bills, medicine, and medical treatment.

This year, the Neighborhood Cruisers selected three children to be the beneficiaries of this year's Cruisin for Kids Car Show.

Alexa Castellano – 5 years old - Valley Cottage, N.Y.
At Birth the Family was told she had characteristics of Down syndrome. She had holes in her heart and her intestines were twisted. She needed constant treatment, surgery and is at high risk for pneumonia and infections. Alexa undergoes occupational therapy and therapy for motor skills and speech. Alexa’s Mother (Anna) passed away in November 2009 from Breast Cancer. Her Father Frank is raising her on his own.

Nicole Green – 7 years old - New City, N.Y.
Nicole was born with autism affecting her esophagus and her basic eating skills. During feedings the liquid would travel to her lungs. She had surgery to insert a tube but was unable to eat. At age one she started therapy to help teach her how to eat. Today Nicole can eat solid foods as long as it is cut to bite sized pieces.  Nicole would benefit from extra therapies and loves therapeutic horseback riding and swimming. The family would love to be able to purchase a PECS (picture communication system) to aid with her communication skills.

Nicholas Seeley – 7 years old - New Rochelle, NY
Nicholas has suffered severe disabilities from birth. He cannot sit up, walk or talk and is feed by a feeding tube. Nicky is unable to move on his own and the family is in need of a handicap assessable van. Nicky’s sister Allie Seeley is a North Rockland High School student.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cruisin for Kids 2009

Every year, the Neighborhood Cruisers select local families that are in need of financial help, due to the rising costs of hospital bills, medicine, and medical treatment. Watch the stories of six families; all who have received help from the Neighborhood Cruisers.

Cruisin for Kids 2009

Friday, July 2, 2010

Neighborhood Cruisers Highlighted in LoHud Article

ORANGEBURG — As the president and co-founder of Neighborhood Cruisers,
Bob DuBois has a mantra he likes to live by.

"I'm a Neighborhood Cruiser," he said. "And it feels good to give."

Neighborhood Cruisers, a nonprofit organization founded in 2001, aims to combine its members' love of classic cars with their desire to help the community.

The group's ninth-annual car show, Cruisin' for Kids, will be held from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. July 31at North Rockland High School. The rain date is Aug. 7.

The show will feature about 200 cars, as well as live entertainment and various vendors,
DuBois said, and all of the proceeds will go to the families of three young children with
disabilities, handpicked by the organization.

But the charity isn't just limited to one day. The Neighborhood Cruisers work year-round, said Grace Christakos, the group's vice president. Immediately after the summer benefit, the search for new children begins.

The group also sells raffle tickets and asks local businesses for donations in the meantime.

In the early years of the Neighborhood Cruisers' annual benefit, the amount of money raised was low — just a few thousand dollars, DuBois said. Now, the benefit is capable of raising as much as $25,000 in one year.

On Thursday, Neighborhood Cruisers held a Car Cruise, where members brought about 20 cars to be put on display in the parking lot of The American Dream Diner in Orangeburg.

"I'm very honored," said Denise Green, whose 7-year-old daughter, Nicole, has autism. "I'm very grateful."

The Greens intend to use the money they receive from the benefit to buy Nicole a picture communications device for nonverbal communication.

Frank Castellano echoed those sentiments. His daughter, Alexa, has Down syndrome, and he has been raising her on his own since his wife died in November.

"You never think it would happen to you," he said.

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